Aroma Pitch

Aroma Pitch

Aroma Pitch is an electronic music trio from Berlin. The group grew up in Cologne and began to create various types of electronic dance music with their analogue synthesizers, drum machines and harmonized instruments quite some years ago. Being inspired by versatile fields such as classical drumming and Jazz piano they show great enthusiasm for sophisticated rhythms and multi-layered chords.

After getting in touch with the Cologne Techno scene they played one of their first live shows at the legendary Total Confusion party in 2010. As well as their partly improvised live sets they started collecting vinyl and played back-to-back-to-back DJ sets at quite an early age. With their unforeseeable and unique collection of throbbing techno, synthesized disco, raw house and other world rhythms they provide a continual mood of surprise and discovery to their listeners.

After moving to Berlin in 2012 the collective founded their own record label called APR on which they release their own tracks on vinyl. The trio’s latest EP “Present From A Small Distant World“ contains three spacey, analog-sounding tracks with long delays, impelling hi-hats and soulful chords. The track “Portal“ of the “High Five EP“ was featured in Job Jobse’s DJ mix for the German electronic music magazine Groove.

No matter if they perform live or as a DJ team, Aroma Pitch surprises the audience and leaves them amazed with their versatile taste in dance music. The characteristic of playing as a trio brings a unique atmosphere, creating a special communion between Aroma Pitch and their audience.

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